-SHIP (Directed by Terrance Daye)
Magic Hour
 (Directed by Che Grayson)
Let's Unpack That (Directed by Gracie Vergara)
Youth / بنات آخر زمن  (Directed by Farida Zahran)
Official Selection - 2019 SXSW Film Festival
Official Selection - 2019 Palm Springs Film Festival

Helmet Head (Directed by Amrita Singh)
PLACENTA (Directed by Robert Broadhurst)
Official Selection - 2019 Slamdance Film Festival Anarchy Shorts
Supermodel (Directed by Bianca Catbagan)
Official Selection - 2017 Cinematografo International Film Festival
ARCHER (Directed by Stefon Bristol)
The Thought of You (Directed by Sarra Alshehhi)
Spaces (Directed by Mamadou Dia)
Bedroom (Directed by Maria Altamirano)
Be My Baby (Directed by Thomas Meyer)
The Babysitter (Directed by Molly Gandour)
Official Selection - 2018 Indy Film Fest
Pickpocket (Directed by Alec Davis)
Anna & Alan (Directed by PJ Norton)
This Is It (Directed by Alexandria Wallace)
Sight Pictures (Directed by David Stein)
With Our Backs Turned to the River (Directed by Sam Rimland)
RED (Directed by Elie Aufseesser)
Love Letters (Directed by Alan Wu)
Expiration Date (Directed by PJ Norton)
Ugali (Directed by Tony Koros)
          Official Selection – 2015 Durban International Film Festival
          Official Selection – 2015 Zanzibar International Film Festival
                     WINNER of the Sembene Ousmane Award

King For a Day (Directed by Elegance Bratton)
Little Girl's War Cry (Directed by Erin Lau)
          Official Selection – 2014 Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's ‘Oiwi Shorts Showcase
           Official Selection – 2014 Guam International Film Festival
          Official Selection – 2014 Big Island Film Festival
          Official Selection – 2013 Hawaii International Film Festival
                     WINNER of the Eurocinema Hawaii Best Student Film Award


Life is Once. Forever. (Directed by Zamarin Wahdat)
Perfect Journey |  TUMI (Directed by Germain Gulick for Tribeca Film Festival 2017; 2nd Unit DP)
Stuck Inside (Directed by Alec Davis)
Official Selection - 2018 A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival
WINNER of Best Student Film x Premiere Heure
WINNER of Best Emerging Talent Award

Ava & Lola (Directed by Haley Elizabeth Anderson)
i-D Magazine Feature: "Shrimps' new fashion film is a tale of school girl innocence and adventure
New York Lottery (Directed by Penelope Lawson)


Ken Burn’s UNUM - PBS “Looking Back on the Central Park Five" (Dir. Megan Ruffe; B-Cam)

Anson (Directed by Kristin Kouke)
Keouli (Directed by Jay Hernandez and Kristin Kouke)
          Official Selection – 2014 Abilities Unlimited Film Festival